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Restoring the Past.....for the Future

Before and After of a Mission rocker

Welcome to CertiRestore

If your looking for old-world craftsmanship blended with new technology, that  comes with a guarantee—you’ve brought your furniture to the right place.

If it’s wood, we can fix it!

We provide certified furniture restoration services to commercial and residential customers

The name CertiRestore, Certified Furniture Restoration, reflects our commitment to performing high-quality repairs and restoration on antique and quality new furnishings by certified professionals.  We us only state-of-the-art products along with our exclusive repair system that combines old-world quality with the newest technology.

PO Box 1521

Green Bay, WI 54305

To contact us:

Phone: 920-434-2780

E-mail: info@newcertirestore.com


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